I discovered calligraphy in 2011 when I was engaged and planning my wedding. I became quickly enamored with the beautiful and unique art form. I had recently graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in History and Women's Studies, and was working as a full-time paralegal. I was drawn to paper crafts in my spare time, and worked hard to learn calligraphy for my wedding invitations and envelopes. I had so much fun working with friends and family on projects, and connected on a deeper level with many people in my life while on the road to marriage. After my wedding, I was fortunate enough to become a professional calligrapher, creating wedding stationery as a business.

I was a part of One + Only Paper for a little over two years, creating custom invitations, rubber stamps, day-of stationery - you name it. I became so immersed in calligraphy that I decided to shift my focus to pen and ink art full-time. That's when Quietude Co. was born. 

For me, the act of writing is such a personal and quiet experience; Yet, it's a way to deeply connect with those around you. My hope is that Quietude Co. is able to bring you joy, and allow you to better connect with your world.

Thank you for following along with my journey; I'm so glad you are here.

All invitations pictured on our site are done in collaboration with or by One + Only Paper. If you are interested in learning more about any of the custom wedding invitations featured in Quietude Co.'s photos, please get in touch with Alison at One + Only Paper for more information.

  Gabrielle Hardin  Calligrapher Quietude Co.

Gabrielle Hardin
Quietude Co.